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Important Tips About Insulin

April 6, 2023
General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Salim Balin made explanations to prevent and reverse insulin resistance and underlined the relationship between diabetes and obesity. How effective is lifestyle in the fight against diabetes, what should we do to change our lifestyle…

Insulin resistance (IR) is a hot topic in medicine right now and for good reason. Insulin resistance affects 1 in 3 people and is a precursor to prediabetes and ultimately type 2 diabetes if not managed with dietary and lifestyle intervention. In addition to being a precursor to diabetes, it is also a precursor and crossroads for many chronic diseases.

What are the symptoms of insulin resistance?

– Darkening due to an increase in pigments that give color to the skin

– Rapid and excessive weight gain

– Trouble losing weight

– Menstrual irregularity

– Excessive hair growth

– Feeling low on energy, waking up tired in the morning

– Sleepiness after meals

– Concentration and perception difficulties

– Cold sweating and chills

– Decreased body resistance

– Fast eating, frequent and quick hunger

– Irritability when food is delayed, trembling hands

– Feeling faint

– Sweet cravings

– Frequent fungal infections

Healthy lifestyle habits to prevent or reverse insulin resistance;

1-Aim for a diet rich in colorful vegetables fresh foods

2-Avoid eating high-glycemic, processed foods (soda, baked goods, chips, cookies, etc.)

3-Don’t be afraid of fats. High quality fats include extra virgin olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, avocado, salmon (wild sea salmon), nuts/seeds, butter from grass-fed animals, organic eggs, flaxseed, etc.

4-Drink enough water (divide your current weight by 34 and drink water in liters)

5 – Aim for foods high in fiber. Foods high in dietary fiber have shown beneficial improvements in insulin sensitivity by slowing the rise in blood sugar after eating.

6-Move your body. Exercise helps insulin move sugar from the bloodstream to muscle cells. Especially choose resistance exercises.

7 – Get enough sleep. Even just a few nights of disturbed sleep can contribute negatively to insulin resistance. Make it a priority to get enough restful sleep. Go to bed and wake up at the same time.

8-Work on stress levels. Find out what works for you, such as meditation, yoga, breathing exercises or walking outdoors

9-Lower toxin exposure and support detox.

10-Do IF (intermittent fasting) and avoid snacks

11-Micronutrient support according to need with doctor’s recommendation

There are many treatments used to treat insulin resistance. Diet, sports, medications, non-surgical procedures (gastric balloon) and surgeries.

In this article, I would like to talk about the new generation swallowable gastric balloon that does not require surgery, endoscopy and anesthesia for patients who cannot get rid of IR (insulin resistance) despite diet, sports and medications.

3 distinctive features of the swallowable gastric balloon that will help you lose weight for 6 months:

An advanced technology gastric balloon.

Smart Scale and Smart Watch connected to a mobile app that supports and tracks your achievements.

Health experts who prepare customized nutrition programs for you.

Research has shown that the main reason diets fail is the feeling of hunger, which is not surprising. Dieting is difficult and often affects other components of your life, such as your social life and relationships.

With the ingestible gastric balloon in your stomach for about 16 weeks, your hunger will decrease. This will give you peace of mind when going out for dinner with friends and you will not overeat. The effect of the balloon, combined with your healthcare team and the nutritionists who support you, can reshape your relationship with food.

With the right follow-up and support, the swallowable gastric balloon can help suitable patients overcome insulin resistance by contributing to your lifestyle change. You should definitely consult your physician for this.


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