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Gastric Sleeve Turkey, also known as Sleeve Gastrectomy, is a type of bariatric or weight loss surgery that leads to long-lasting weight loss results. By modifying the digestive system, gastric sleeve surgery is the most efficient method to lose weight. The operation is performed using laparoscopic surgery, which has positive results in the recovery and post-operative process. After the surgery, patients lose weight in a steady, healthy manner.
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What Is Gastric Sleeve?

Gastric Sleeve surgery in Turkey permanently removes 75% of your stomach mass. This volume reduction significantly decreases the stomach's capacity to hold food, leading to a feeling of fullness with smaller meals. Additionally, the procedure reduces the production of ghrelin, the hormone responsible for hunger sensations. Consequently, patients experience reduced appetite.
Moreover, the lower production of ghrelin also leads to an increase in the circulating insulin levels, which helps in reducing blood sugar levels, further contributing to the weight loss process.Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey has become one of the most popular weight loss procedures worldwide due to its utilization of the latest laparoscopic technology. This minimally-invasive approach ensures lower risk, permanent results, and a very low complication rate, making it an attractive option for many patients seeking effective and lasting weight loss solutions.

How is Gastric Sleeve Surgery Turkey Performed?

To perform a full laparoscopy for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey, surgeons administer general anesthesia to fully sedate the patients. Once the patient is sedated, the surgery begins by making five small incisions in their abdominal area. A thin tube with a camera at its end is then inserted into the patient's abdominal cavity through one of the incisions, while other instruments are inserted through the remaining incisions. Using the camera's visual guidance and the instruments, the surgeon removes more than 75% of the stomach volume, creating a sleeve-shaped pouch along the curvature. The surgical instruments carefully seal the remaining portion of the stomach with staples or sutures to close the incisions and ensure a secure surgical site. The laparoscopic approach minimizes the need for larger incisions and allows for a quicker recovery with reduced scarring.

How Long Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Istanbul Take?

The entire duration of a Gastric Sleeve surgery typically lasts between 1.5 to 2 hours. It is widely regarded as one of the most effective surgical methods for weight loss available today. However, it is crucial to emphasize that the success and safety of the surgery depend heavily on the competence of the surgical team. To ensure positive outcomes, it is essential to have the procedure performed by recognized professionals who specialize in bariatric surgeries. A skilled and experienced surgical team can minimize the risks and complications associated with the surgery.

Conversely, if the Gastric Sleeve surgery is performed under the wrong conditions, it can lead to negative effects. For instance, conducting the procedure in an unhygienic or unsanitary hospital environment can increase the risk of infections and post-operative complications. Additionally, the use of harmful techniques, such as an endoscopy or open surgery instead of the standard laparoscopic approach, may result in a higher chance of surgical complications and a longer recovery period for the patient.

Success Rate of Gastric Sleeve Turkey

Gastric Sleeve surgery has become a common procedure in Turkish hospitals, with surgeries performed daily. Highly specialized professionals, focusing almost exclusively on this type of surgery, contribute to the low complication rate associated with Gastric Sleeve surgery in Turkey. However, achieving long-term success after the surgery is not solely reliant on the surgeon and the procedure.

The patient's personal commitment and determination play a crucial role in the process. Following a strict post-operative diet for several weeks is essential for proper recovery. After the recovery period, patients are advised to make specific lifestyle changes based on their individual case, including dietary adjustments, sleep patterns, and exercise habits. Adhering to these healthy lifestyle habits is crucial, as failure to do so can lead to a plateau or even a lack of significant weight loss after the gastric sleeve surgery.

In conclusion, while the surgery provides a promising start to weight loss, the patient's active participation in maintaining healthy habits is vital for long-term success. The combination of a successful surgical procedure and a committed effort to adopting a healthier lifestyle can lead to significant and sustainable weight loss results.

Success Rate of Gastric Sleeve Turkey

Op. Dr. Salim Balin collaborates with some of the top Turkish surgeons, operating in the best national facilities and cutting-edge hospitals. Their expertise is continuously monitored to ensure patient satisfaction and low complication rates. Many of them have gained international recognition and are featured in specialized magazines, both in Turkey and abroad. They hold prestigious certifications like ISAPS and EBOPRAS, validating their exceptional medical excellence.

According to Op. Dr. Salim Balin, a patient is considered suitable for Gastric Sleeve if they have a high Body Mass Index, show no adverse reactions to anesthesia, and have no chronic illnesses.

Op. Dr. Salim Balin emphasizes the importance of post-operative instructions for achieving optimal results: strictly following the diet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and engaging in regular exercise significantly improve surgical outcomes.

The contracted doctors of Op. Dr. Salim Balin have been performing Bariatric Sleeve surgeries with world-class results for over 15 years at affordable prices. They offer comprehensive support from consultation to post-operative follow-up, ensuring the best plan for each patient and remaining available for assistance even after they return home.

Who is the right candidate for a Gastric Sleeve in Turkey?

Every patient is different, and so are their circumstances. Therefore, it is crucial to have a medical consultation with a qualified professional before you move forward in the gastric sleeve surgery process.

As a general guideline, however, you should consider that to be eligible for a gastric sleeve surgery Turkey, every candidate must meet the following criteria:
You must have a BMI above 40 (>40) or a BMI of 35 or above with medical conditions such as high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes caused by excessive weight.
You should have made repeated attempts to lose weight through diet and regular exercise without success.
You must be willing to change your lifestyle and adhere strictly to post-surgery care and advice.
You should be emotionally and psychologically prepared for a "drastic" change.
Be mentally and emotionally prepared for a "significant" change.

How Long Does Gastric Sleeve Surgery Istanbul Take?

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is the primary and most critical factor in determining a patient's eligibility for a Gastric Sleeve operation. However, surgeons also have their own professional criteria. Gastric Sleeve surgery is categorized as an aesthetic or cosmetic procedure, which gives surgeons the discretion to accept or decline patients based on their judgment. It is rare for a surgeon to accept a patient with a BMI lower than 35 for Gastric Sleeve surgery. Instead, they might suggest alternative options such as a Gastric Balloon or liposuction.

Conversely, patients with a Body Mass Index of 40 or above are generally more likely to be accepted, as excessive weight is often considered irreversible beyond this point. Such high body mass can exacerbate existing medical conditions, leading to immediate and unconditional acceptance in many cases.

Relationship with Other Diseases

Excessive weight or obesity is considered a medical condition itself, as it is directly and indirectly linked to numerous harmful health conditions. The less severe effects include irritability, psychological distress (which can be severe), anxiety, anemia, and apathy. However, beyond these somatic illnesses, obesity is also associated with more severe diseases, causing over one million deaths in Europe annually:

- Diabetes
- Cardiovascular disorders
- Respiratory issues such as asthma, sleep apnea, and breathing difficulties
- Heart attacks
- High blood pressure
- Dysfunction of the endocrine system
- Intense bone and muscle pain


Diabetes can either be a result of obesity or exacerbated by it. However, weight loss can provide a long-term solution to diabetes or significantly reduce its effects to the point where serious consequences are minimal. This is because Gastric Sleeve surgery involves an 80% reduction in stomach mass, which subsequently decreases the production of ghrelin. Lower ghrelin levels lead to higher insulin levels in the blood, effectively curing diabetes or greatly alleviating its adverse effects.

Patient’s Age

Gastric Sleeve surgeons typically consider patients between the ages of 18 and 60 for the procedure. Patients under 18 are usually encouraged to explore other methods to bring about weight loss. Conversely, patients over 60 with a very high BMI may have experienced significant organ and body damage due to excess weight, making the surgery more challenging and risky. In such cases, the risks may be deemed unacceptable by surgeons. However, there are exceptions, and surgeons may occasionally perform the procedure on patients below 18 or above 60. To determine if you are eligible, it is best to schedule a free medical consultation by completing our contact form.

Gastric Sleeve Cost Turkey

First and foremost, it should be noted that the total cost of Gastric Sleeve in Turkey can vary depending on each patient's individual conditions and specific requirements. Additionally, the overall price of Gastric Sleeve in Turkey may differ based on factors such as the chosen surgeon, hospital, and post-operative care procedures. Therefore, a prior consultation is necessary to determine the final Gastric Sleeve cost in Turkey.

As an estimate, the average Gastric Sleeve cost in Turkey is approximately 50% less than that of most European establishments. This all-inclusive package includes flights, hotel accommodation, transportation, and meals during the stay for Gastric Sleeve in Turkey.

While the cost of Gastric Sleeve surgery in the UK may range from £10,000 to £15,000, the cost in Turkey typically falls within the range of £4,000 to £5,000 (all-inclusive). It is essential to understand that this lower cost does not imply a compromise in the quality of service. Rather, the cost difference is primarily influenced by the comparatively lower value of the Turkish currency and more affordable labor costs. The cost-effectiveness of Turkey as a destination for Gastric Sleeve surgery attracts thousands of patients annually, leading to experienced Turkish surgeons who have treated a diverse range of individuals.

In conclusion, Turkey offers high-quality Gastric Sleeve surgery services performed by experienced surgeons, catering to a significant number of patients from various backgrounds.

Gastric Sleeve Turkey Overview

Gastric Sleeve
Operation Goal:
Reduce the size of the stomach
Operation Time:
Around 2 hours
Type of Anesthesia:
Side Effects:
Some potential side effects may include pain, bruising, and swelling around the incision sites, feelings of nausea, difficulty eating certain foods, and the possibility of leakage.
Blockage or leakage, Blood clots, Vitamin and Iron Deficiency
Recovery Time:
4 weeks or less
Depending on the technique employed, minimal to none

Gastric Sleeve Turkey 
Before And After

Bariatric Surgery Turkey Reviews

Before Sleeve Gastrectomy Turkey Surgery

Being obese alone is not sufficient for eligibility. The patient must provide evidence of unsuccessful weight loss attempts despite rigorous dieting, exercise, and adopting healthy habits. Once this condition is met, a medical examination will determine the Body Mass Index (BMI), which should be at least 35 or above for most candidates. In cases where the BMI falls between 35 and 40 and the patient has specific conditions like high blood pressure, they may still be considered eligible. However, patients with a BMI above 40 are generally considered suitable candidates for the surgery.

Preparations Before Surgery

Once the suitability for the operation is established, a preparation process will begin, consisting in the set-up of a pre-operatory diet, medication intake, the elimination of unhealthy life habits (such as cigarette consumption), and, if possible, a sports plan. This is necessary to regulate the patient’s metabolism prior to the procedure, and to reduce body damage as much as possible.

Food and Drink Intake Before and After Operation

Once the suitability for the operation is established, a preparation process will begin, consisting in the set-up of a pre-operatory diet, medication intake, the elimination of unhealthy life habits (such as cigarette consumption), and, if possible, a sports plan. This is necessary to regulate the patient’s metabolism prior to the procedure, and to reduce body damage as much as possible.

Stop Alcohol and Smoking

All surgeries require that patients either completely stop smoking or reduce it to a strictly minimum level, due to its effect on tissue restoration. If possible, this habit should be maintained also after the operation, for as long as it is humanly possible.

On top of smoking, alcohol consumption is also seriously nuisible to Gastric Sleeve patients, because the body’s metabolism transforms alcohol into sugar, thus leading to a rapid weight increase. Therefore, alcohol consumption should be put into a halt before the operation, and avoided at all costs after, especially in the first 4 weeks.

Stopping Drugs Used Regularly

Upon consultation, your surgeon will inform you about the medications that you should avoid prior to the operation, such as aspirin, which should be stopped at least one week before. After the procedure is completed, you will be supplied with all the necessary medications to assist you in your healing process. These are subject to variation depending on every patient’s case.

Making Necessary Preparations for Hospitalization

It is advisable to have a friend or a family member accompanying you when coming for a Gastric Sleeve surgery Turkey. Your friend or partner will be allowed to stay the night with you in your hospital room, which will prove to be a great moral support. Furthermore, you will be able to explore the city together and enjoy your time at the hotel once you are allowed to leave the hospital.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery Recovery

Gastric Sleeve surgery is performed using the advanced laparoscopy technique, which contributes to a fast and relatively easy recovery. However, since it involves essential organs, patients are typically required to stay in the hospital for approximately 4 nights. The internal healing process is generally complete within ten days. During this period, it is crucial to strictly follow the prescribed diet and avoid engaging in heavy activities (always adhere to your surgeon's advice!).

To highlight the effectiveness of the healing process, most patients can return to their work routine within one week after surgery. It is highly recommended to resume normal activities, including walking and engaging in light exercises, as this aids in the healing process and reduces the risk of embolism.

Complications During and After Sleeve Gastrectomy Turkey Surgery:

While Bariatric Sleeve surgery is performed by highly skilled professionals and is usually free of complications, like any surgery, there are inherent risks. Possible risks may include:
1- Leakage
2- Reflux
3- Hernia
4- Absorption Disorders
However, it is essential to note that in 99% of cases, these complications are avoided. In instances where they do occur, surgeons take all necessary measures to rectify the situation. For example, absorption disorders can lead to hypovitaminosis due to reduced vitamin absorption caused by a smaller stomach. This is easily resolved through vitamin supplements, such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, minerals, zinc, and iron.

Dietary Guidelines After Surgery:

During a Sleeve Gastrectomy Turkey, about 75-80% of the stomach is removed. To facilitate the healing process, patients are required to follow a strict diet of mashed foods and light liquids (no alcohol or soft drinks) for the first two weeks after surgery. While patients considering a Sleeve Gastrectomy may already be familiar with dietary requirements, it is understandable how daunting the idea may have become. However, after undergoing Gastric Sleeve surgery in Turkey, complying with any diet becomes easier.

Op. Dr. Salim Balin is considered the best option for Sleeve Gastrectomy in Turkey for several compelling reasons:

There are many reasons why choosing Op. Dr. Salim Balin for Sleeve Gastrectomy in Turkey is an excellent option:

Highly Experienced Surgeon: Op. Dr. Salim Balin is a highly experienced and specialized surgeon in gastric sleeve procedures. His expertise ensures a successful and safe surgery.

State-of-the-Art Technology: The surgical procedures performed by Op. Dr. Salim Balin are carried out with the latest and most advanced technology, ensuring the best possible results and safety.

Accredited Hospital: The gastric sleeve surgery will be conducted at an accredited and reputable hospital, providing a high standard of medical care and facilities.

Patient-Centered Care: Op. Dr. Salim Balin and his team prioritize the well-being and safety of their patients, providing a patient-centered approach throughout the entire journey.

Ongoing Support: Op. Dr. Salim Balin and his team offer continuous support and guidance to help patients achieve a healthier lifestyle after the surgery.

Competitive Pricing: The cost of Sleeve Gastrectomy with Op. Dr. Salim Balin is competitive, offering an excellent value for the level of expertise and care provided.

In conclusion, Op. Dr. Salim Balin stands as an excellent choice for Sleeve Gastrectomy in Turkey, offering a combination of expertise, advanced technology, quality medical facilities, patient-centered care, ongoing support, and competitive pricing.


Is Gastric Sleeve surgery in Turkey safe?

Thanks to laparoscopic surgery, Gastric Sleeve surgery in Turkey is now safer than ever, with a shorter recovery time compared to weight loss surgeries performed using traditional methods.

What are the differences between laparoscopic and endoscopic gastric sleeve surgery?

Endoscopic gastric sleeve surgery is performed through the mouth, without incisions. Laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery requires small incisions on the abdomen, resulting in a faster recovery and less discomfort.

How long do gastric sleeve results last?

Gastric sleeve results are long-lasting if patients follow post-operative instructions and maintain healthy habits. Weight loss is evident 3 months after the operation, and patients experience significant changes after 1 year.

Is Gastric Sleeve in Turkey different from other countries?

Gastric Sleeve surgery in Turkey is performed similarly to other countries, mainly using laparoscopic surgery under general anesthesia.

Why do people go to Turkey for Gastric Sleeve?

Many people choose Turkey for Gastric Sleeve due to affordable prices, high medical expertise, tourism opportunities, and excellent facilities in hotels, hospitals, and clinics.

Hospitals and Equipment for Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Turkey

Turkish medical facilities are excellent, with world-class facilities and experienced professionals, making it a popular destination for medical tourism.
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