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Smoking Cessation Treatments

How Does Smoking Cessation Therapy Work?

The aim of smoking cessation therapy with German bioresonance technology is to remove the frequencies emitted by harmful substances such as addictive nicotine from the body. Therapies are performed using the latest technology German origin bioresonance devices.

After smoking a last cigarette in our center, the frequencies taken from this cigarette are electronically reversed and given back to the body in the form of frequency waves. The procedure aims to eliminate the body’s need for nicotine. After the therapy, the person may think of cigarettes, but they do not want to smoke as before.

Why Are Smokers More Affected by Coronavirus?

Smoking damages the lungs, making smokers more vulnerable to respiratory viruses like COVID-19. The virus can cause severe respiratory failure in individuals with damaged lung tissue due to smoking. Quitting smoking can directly impact not only the smoker but also their relatives’ well-being.

Smoking Cessation Therapy: 3 Stages

1. Before Coming to Therapy:

  • Choose a time for quitting when work stress is low.
  • Do not cut down on smoking before the therapy.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeine before the therapy.
  • Stay well-hydrated a few days before the therapy.

2. Bioresonance Therapy Day:

  • Smoke a cigarette before the application.
  • Use the brand of cigarettes you usually smoke.
  • During therapy, relax and sit comfortably.
  • After therapy, receive information on coping with psychological addiction.

3. Days After Bioresonance Therapy:

  • Start drinking water immediately to aid detoxification.
  • Expect some fatigue and mild nausea due to toxin elimination.
  • Avoid alcohol and strenuous physical activities.
  • Support toxin excretion through baths, saunas, or scrubs.
  • Prepare for possible constipation or mild diarrhea during detoxification.

Are There Any Side Effects of Therapy?

The bioresonance method for smoking cessation has been used for years without serious side effects. However, during toxin cleansing, which is a secondary effect of smoking treatment, some individuals may experience weakness, exhaustion, headache, nausea, and sweating if they do not follow detox warnings.

To Whom Bioresonance Therapy Is Not Applied?

Bioresonance therapy is not recommended for epilepsy patients and in the first trimester of pregnancy. There are no other health-related obstacles for the application.

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